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P.A.P Liebchen - it is more than 70 years of tradition and experience in production and distribution of the highest quality products in funeral branch.
We work on domestic and European market, offering high quality products of traditional and inventive design. 
Our rich assortment is directed to funeral homes, stonemasons, churches, chapels etc.
Among couple thousands of products you will find:
letters fof gravestones, lamps and vases, various crosses, frames, scalptures, statues and many others. All made of the highest quality materials such as bronze, stainless steel and marble carrara.
We are constantly  modyfying our offer to meet your expectations. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We remain for your disposal.



Matka Boska - aplikacja B2098

wysokość 20 cm Aplikacja w formie płaskorzeźby (tył płaski w celu
Matka Boska - aplikacja B2098
Lampa 743

Lampka wykonana ze stali nierdzewnej oraz szkła żaroodpornego przezroczystego (czerwone
Lampa 743
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